A person working on an engine of a motorcycle.
A person on a motorcycle with smoke coming out of the exhaust.
A bunch of tools are laying on the back of a motorcycle.
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Nearly all makes and models, contact us with your inquiry.

     At Redline Motorsports Calgary, we offer a comprehensive array of services performed by Red Seal Journeymen. Our services range from regular maintenance and appearance enhancements to dyno tuning and diagnostics, ensuring optimal performance for your motorcycle.

     Listed below are the most common service requests. Of course we can do so much more, please inquire with your request.

Regular maintenance and appearance enhancements

  • Our Gold service provides the majority of the upkeep needs for your motorcycle. Of course, additionally as requested we can remove and replace parts such as spark plugs, air filters.
  • Appearance enhancements can be ordered and installed such as aftermarket levers, mirrors, windshields, and other FARKLES (https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=farkle)

Wheels and tires

  • Loose wheel or bring us the whole bike. We do not install used or ‘take off tires’. All mounting included dynamic electronic balancing.
  • Re-lace and truing service available.
  • Remove and replace for new wheel bearings.

Coolant and brake system service

  • Coolant system pressure test
  • Drain, flush, fill, bleed
  • Hygroscopic fluid test
  • ABS bleed service for Twin Cam(6pin)

Dynotuning and Dyno-diagnostics

  • Metric and American Vtwin
  • ECU flash style, Piggy-back tuners, Stand-alone ECU, Carburetor
  • Naturally aspirated, force induction, nitrous.
  • Dyno-diagnostics, driveline, fuel, engine, electrical testing can be done live and safe.

Electrical/charging system repair

  • Lighting, ignition, charging, ancillary systems.

Metric and Harley Davidson Performance

  • Nearly all engine performance modifications
  • Engine rebuilding

Chassis servicing

  • All frame bearings, all suspension components, fork seals

Off-road servicing(ATV, dirtbike, SxS)

  • Please inquire


Aftermarket parts and ancillary accessories, seasonal maintenance and tires , diagnostics and repair, performance and visual enhancements.

Service/Maintenance Levels


    • Cost $69.95
  • General check-over
  • Check Wheel Bearings
  • Check Steering Head Bearings
  • Check and Record Brake System
  • Components
  • Check Suspension
  • Check and Record Charging System Output
  • Check final drive
  • Check and Record depth and set Tire Pressures
  • Check all Electrical systems (Lights and switches)
  • Adjust Clutch and Throttle Play
  • Short test ride (if possible)


    • Cost $149.95
  • Bronze Package +
  • Check cable ends (control side)
  • Lube Clutch Cable (as applicable)
  • Service final drive
  • Check and Record Coolant (top up as required)
  • Remove and Lube Hand Levers
  • Lube side stand
  • Lube brake pivot and shift linkage.


    • Cost $ 199.95
  • Silver Package +
  • Engine Oil and Filter Change (parts additionally added as required)