Motorcycle Chassis Dyno Tuning

     At Redline Motorsports Calgary, we bring you the best in motorcycle dyno tuning. We have been tuning motorcycles for over 20 years and and utilize a state-of-the-art Dynojet 250i. Upgraded with the latest hardware and firmware in August 2020, ensures your bike delivers optimal performance on the tarmac or trail.

     Our expertise in many tuning programs is constantly expanding, making us the go-to choice. During peak season, our booking schedule fills up quickly, with appointments made two months in advance. So, don't wait, schedule your tuning session today!

A red machine with some black parts
A motorcycle parked on the side of a road.

     Our dyno is more than just for bragging rights. It's an invaluable diagnostic tool, helping to isolate mechanical and electrical issues in real time, safely.

     When properly equipped we can calibrate the speedometer on your bike.

A red motorcycle parked in a parking garage.

Carbureted Bikes

    • Starting Cost: $240.00+.
      • Service Rate by the hour.
      • Minimum 2hrs. per Service.

All Makes: Full Dynotune

    • Cost: $400.00
      • Using “Piggy-Back” style fuel controller, such as a:
        • Powercommander
        • Bazzaz
        • Cobra
        • Dobeck

Harley Davidson: Full Dynotune

    • Cost: $500.0
    • Using the following tuners.
      • YOUR Powervision
      • SE Super Tuner
      • ThunderMax
      • TTS Mastertune etc.

Harley Davidson: Full Dynotune

    • Cost: $800.00
      • Using OUR Powervision
        • You DO NOT need to purchase a tuner!
      • (Full Dynotune includes 1 ECU license; valued at $230 USD )

Metric: Woolich Racing ECU - Flash Dynotuning.

    • Cost: $700.00
      • The program is based off of Year/Make/Model AND ECU part number.
      • To avoid delays, ECU part numbers are listed on Woolich website.
        • CLICK HERE for Woolich website.
        • Search for your bike.
        • click ‘view full product details’.
    • We are branching out to allow mail in ECU flashing.

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Service FAQ

  • Multiple tunes can be mapped for individual bikes switching from pump to race fuel.

Force induction, Nitrous and/or special application dynotuning available.

A red machine with some black parts

Basic Dyno Run

  • Shows horsepower curve and wheel speed
    • Cost: $88.00

Full Hookup w/ Exhaust Gas Analysis

  • Shows horsepower/torque curve for entire RPM range
  • This requires pollution controlling to be temporarily disabled and atach signal to be acquired.
    • Cost: $185.00